Mini Harambe utilizes a 3% transaction tax on all buy and sell orders. This tax is deducted from the final output amount received.

Tax Breakdown

  • 1.5% Donation Wallet: This portion is allocated to the project's donation wallet, accumulating funds for environmental causes.

  • 1.5% Liquidity Pool: This portion is split in half and automatically added to the liquidity pool on the Polygon network. This helps maintain a healthy price floor and facilitates smooth trading activity.

Benefits of the Tax System

This innovative tax structure benefits everyone involved:

  • Community: Holders contribute directly to conservation efforts through the donation wallet.

  • Project: A healthy liquidity pool ensures price stability and facilitates trading.

  • Environment: Donations directly support organizations protecting endangered species and rainforests.

Tokenomics Breakdown

We operate with a straightforward tokenomic structure

Total Supply: 100.00 Million

We believe in a stable ecosystem. The total supply is capped at a fixed 100 million $MHB tokens, preventing inflation and ensuring the long-term value of your investment.

Circulating Supply: 100.00 Million

100% of tokens are in circulation. This ensures all tokens are readily available for trading and supporting our mission.

Liquidity: 10%

This ensures a healthy and stable market for $MHB.

(increased by a 1.5% transaction tax)

Donations: 12%

Supports critical wildlife conservation efforts and fosters community growth.

(increased by a 1.5% transaction tax)

Marketing: 15%

Boosts project awareness and attracts new members to the Mini Harambe movement.

(Note: Donations and Marketing currently use the same wallet address)

Team & Development: 13%

Supports the dedicated team building and maintaining the project often used for winner airdrops and project development.

Holders: 50%

Currently held by the community.

These percentages may fluctuate due to the core structure of dynamic allocations from transaction taxes.

🔁 Contract Addresses

You can find our contracts, including the source code, on PolygonScan:

Token Contract
Liquidity Pool
Donation Wallet

🔒 Enhanced Security with Locked Liquidity

For ultimate security and transparency, we've locked the liquidity with Knox Locker for a predetermined period. This action demonstrates our commitment to long-term project stability and prevents unauthorized access to the funds.

Transaction Hash

You can verify the locked liquidity pool status directly on PolygonScan.

Transparency and Verification

We prioritize complete transparency. By implementing a locked liquidity pool and providing full contract transparency, we demonstrate our unwavering commitment to building a sustainable future for both the environment and our project. Join us in making a real difference!

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