Mini Harambe ($MHB)

Stealth Launched: 02-July-2022 Relaunch on Polygon: 07-April-2024


1. Introduction

1.1 Project Vision

Mini Harambe was born in 2022 from the passion of a group of environmentalists. Our vision is to create a sustainable future for our planet by empowering communities, advocating for change, and directly funding conservation efforts. We believe in the power of collective action and leverage cryptocurrency to create a positive impact on a global scale.

1.2 Problem and Solution

Biodiversity loss and deforestation are major threats to our planet's health. Governments and traditional solutions often fall short. Mini Harambe presents a novel approach:

  • Funding Conservation: A portion of every transaction goes towards reputable organizations like the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International.

  • Community-Driven Action: We foster a vibrant community that actively participates in spreading awareness and advocating for change.

  • Transparency and Trust: We prioritize complete transparency. All wallets are open books, and progress is verifiable through tools like PolygonScan.

2. From Humble Beginnings to Strategic Relaunch (2022):

Our initial launch on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) ignited a spark of enthusiasm, attracting a strong community. We embraced innovative tokenomics, allocating a portion of every transaction to fuel environmental causes. However, navigating the market downturn demanded a strategic pause.

2.1 The 2024 Relaunch on Polygon

In 2024, with renewed purpose and a dedicated team by our side, we chose the Polygon network for our relaunch. This strategic move facilitated faster transactions, lower fees, and a wider audience for our mission. The relaunch not only garnered a wave of new believers but also propelled us towards ambitious goals.

2.2 A Commitment to Growth and Transparency:

Mini Harambe prioritizes complete transparency. All our wallets are open books, allowing you to track every donation and verify our progress through tools like PolygonScan. We believe in the power of collective action – a philosophy reflected in our focus on community engagement and advocacy.

3. Beyond the Relaunch: A Look Ahead

The 2024 relaunch marked a pivotal chapter for Mini Harambe. We successfully achieved a market cap of $350,000 and launched our own decentralized exchange platform, MiniSwap. Additionally, MiniTracking, a Dapp designed for progress tracking and donation verification, further solidified our commitment to transparency.

This whitepaper delves deeper into Mini Harambe's vision for the future. We unveil an exciting roadmap brimming with developments, including:

  • Limited-edition NFT series with exclusive holder benefits

  • Partnerships with high-profile figures to amplify our message

  • Creation of a dedicated organization for wildlife and rainforest protection

  • Development of a virtual world within the metaverse

  • Lobbying for legislative changes to protect ecosystems

  • Land acquisition and implementation of sustainable reforestation techniques

Explore the following sections to discover how Mini Harambe leverages blockchain technology, community engagement, and unwavering transparency to create a sustainable future for our planet

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